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Traditional Rwandan Beer Brewing Experience

Activity description

The unique and famous Sorghum Beer Brewing Experience gives you hands-on skills in the process of brewing traditional sorghum beer. Sorghum is a cereal crop first domesticated in the Niger Valley as early as 7000 BC. Since then the crop has spread across all continents.

During this experience you will join a group of women to brew traditional sorghum beer. The experience includes all the steps of the process including seed cultivation, sowing, harvesting and tasting. You will also learn how the harvested sorghum is dried, sorted and fermented. You will grind the fermented seeds using a traditional stone to make sorghum flour. The sorghum flower will be used to brew Rwanda’s traditional sorghum beer.

At the end of the experience everyone will enjoy the finished sorghum beer known locally as ikigage. This drink is enjoyed in the traditional way from a calabash using a wooden straw.

An English-speaking guide will accompany you during the entire experience. 

About the organizer

Strategically located on the Congo Nile Trail and Mount Karongi, Dushyigikirane Association is a community-based tourism enterprise comprising of 12 women, who produce and sell sorghum beer in the nearby centers to support their families. The cooperative organizes the famous “Sorghum Beer Brewing Experience” where visitors make traditional sorghum beer. The experience ends with tasting of the finished product.

The experience takes place on Mount Karongi, about an hour by car or motorbike from Karongi. Transportation can be organized through your hotel or the association.

Before you Go

  • Lots of walking, wear comfortable outdoor shoes
  • You will spend some time in a field wear outdoor clothes
  • You will spend some time in the sun, wear a hat and sunscreen
  •  Bring an umbrella or raincoat in case of rain

Meeting Point

Your guide will meet you at the association building on Mt. Karongi.

From 10,000 RWF


  • Take part in the process of brewing traditional sorghum beer known as ikigage
  • Enjoy traditional beer from a calabash using a traditional wooden straw



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