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Birding Trip Along The Kivu Belt from Rubavu

08/13/2022 8:32

Birding Trip Along The Kivu Belt from Rubavu

Birding Trip Along The Kivu Belt from Rubavu

Activity Description

Join a professional bird guide for a half day birding session around Rubavu with. 

One day birding in Rubavu gives you remarkable experience to explore beautiful common birds, water birds, endemics and palearctic migrants during period of early August to late May. As you stay in Gisenyi you can walk around and visit nearby hotspot to enjoy colorful birds and birds’ songs as well. One afternoon or morning session is enough to encounter interesting birds and lifers as well, Sebeya Riverside, Lake Kivu Shores, Hotels’ Gardens, Mt. Rubavu, Nyundo Wetlands, Mt. Muhungwe are quite interested place to visit in half day while Gishwati-Mukura National Park one day is recommendable for better experience.

Morning Session

After early breakfast at 6:00 AM birding along Sebeya River and Mt.Nengo gives you chance to see most of colorful birds as well as water birds and raptors such as Black cuckoo shrike, Gray Capped Warbler, Common Sandpiper, Palm-nut Vulture and other many Species.

Afternoon Session

After noon birding session at Mt. Rubavu offer opportunities to see interesting sunbirds, babblers, soaring raptors and Twin Cities panoramic view at the top of the mountain. this incredible experience offers you opportunites to see palearctic migrants during migration periods of Aug-May.

About the Organizer

Wildlife conservation travels specialize in eco tours featuring Rwandas remarkable nature and wildlife

From 50 USD


  • Spend a day birding in several different habitats
  • Hooded vultures are common sightings
  • Many different raptors and babblers inhabit the area


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Operators selling the Congo Nile Trail

05/19/2021 9:16

Operators selling the Congo Nile Trail

Booking the Congo Nile Trail with a proffessional company

The easiest and most convenient way to hike, bike or kayak The Congo Nile Trail is through a local tour operator. There are many operators in Rwanda who can organize various tours and packages along the Congo Nile Trail. Most operators will be able to provide you with a transfer to and from Kigali, a guide, bikes if you are biking, book accommodation and porters to transport your luggage to and from your accommodation. They will also include various activities like chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest or a night fishing experience with dinner one evening. This list is a compilation of all operators who organize hiking, biking or kayaking on the Congo Nile Trail. 

Ames Tours

Ames Tours is based in Rubavu (Gisenyi) at the start of the Congo Nile Trail. Ames Tours will help to organize hiking and biking package tours on the Congo Nile Trail. Ames Tours also have several boats and organize various boat trips around Karongi and Rubavu. Asa a local company, they have some of the most experienced guides who know the Kivu Belt Region like the back of their hand. You can also book various shorter hiking, biking and boating excursions in Karongi and Rubavu if you wish.

Tour Operators selling the Congo Nile Trail
Boat tour on Lake Kivu

Green Hills Eco Tours

This tour operator has their office near the public beach in Rubavu and offer numerous tours around Rubavu as well as multi-day tours on the Congo Nile Trail by foot or by bike. The local owner has an extensive network and knowledge of the Kivu Belt Region.

Kingfisher Journeys​

Kingfisher journeys are operated from Rubavu in the Kivu Belt and specialize in canoeing and kayaking. They have great guides and professional equipment. Kingfisher journeys can organize multi-day canoeing or kayaking tours of the Congo Nile Trail on Lake Kivu. Paddling the Congo Nile Trail is a very comfortable way to experience the trail and Lake Kivu and involves some islands and experience which cannot be reached on foot or by bike.

Operators selling the Congo Nile Trail
Lunch on the Congo Nile Trail

Lava Bike Tours​

Lava bike tours is one of the most renowned tour companies when it comes to biking in Rwanda. All guides of Lava Tours are professional biking enthusiasts. They have high quality bikes and all other equipment needed to bike the Congo Nile Trail.

Go Gisenyi Tours​

Go Gisenyi Tours are based in Rubavu (Gisenyi) and is run by a couple of local enthusiasts with extensive knowledge of The Kivu Belt and the Congo Nile Trail. Go Gisenyi Tours offers various premade and custom tours around the Congo Nile Trail, including multi-day hiking and biking tours on the trail. All tours are guided by the owners of the company who also have extensive local knowledge and connections.

Ask 4 Adventures​

This company is specialized in helping visitors to experience genuine outdoor experiences in Rwanda of the beaten path. They specialize in hiking, biking and camping in various locations around Rwanda, including the Congo Nile Trail. Ask4Adventure also rent out bikes, camping equipment and organize transfers.

Beyond Kigali City Tours​

A Kigali based tour operator who offer a mixture of city tours and other multiday tours. They can organize complete guided biking tours of the Congo Nile Trail including transfer from Kigali.

Beyond Gorillas Experience​

This operator is based in Musanze and specializes in genuine experiences involving local communities off the beaten track in Rwanda. They offer many different tours along the Congo Nile Trail as well as multi day hiking and transfers from Kigali to and from the Cong Nile trail.

Country Side Tours Rwanda​

This company organizes various tours from Kigali to the Kivu Belt and the Congo Nile Trail at affordable prices.

Rwanda Eco Company & Safaris​

Rwanda Eco Company offer complete guided hiking packages of the Congo Nile Trail including a guide, full board and accommodation. The standard tour takes 9 days and includes Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest after hiking the Congo Nile Trail.

Operators selling the congo nile trail

Ikaze Rwanda Tours​

Ikaze Rwanda Tours are based in Kigali and specialize in outdoor activities around Rwanda. They offer various multiday hiking and biking tours on the Congo Nile Trail which are fully serviced including transfer to and from Kigali, guide, accommodation and full board.

New Dawn Associates​

This Kigali-based tour operator can help you organize a multi-day biking tour of the Congo Nile Trail with a guide, a bike and other necessary equipment.

Rwandan Adventures​

Rwandan adventures have several multi-day packages for hiking and biking the Congo Nile Trail. The packages are customizable but generally include transfer to and from Kigali, a guide, accommodation and all the necessary equipment you will need.

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