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Birding Trip Along The Kivu Belt from Rubavu

08/13/2022 8:32

Birding Trip Along The Kivu Belt from Rubavu

Birding Trip Along The Kivu Belt from Rubavu

Activity Description

Join a professional bird guide for a half day birding session around Rubavu with. 

One day birding in Rubavu gives you remarkable experience to explore beautiful common birds, water birds, endemics and palearctic migrants during period of early August to late May. As you stay in Gisenyi you can walk around and visit nearby hotspot to enjoy colorful birds and birds’ songs as well. One afternoon or morning session is enough to encounter interesting birds and lifers as well, Sebeya Riverside, Lake Kivu Shores, Hotels’ Gardens, Mt. Rubavu, Nyundo Wetlands, Mt. Muhungwe are quite interested place to visit in half day while Gishwati-Mukura National Park one day is recommendable for better experience.

Morning Session

After early breakfast at 6:00 AM birding along Sebeya River and Mt.Nengo gives you chance to see most of colorful birds as well as water birds and raptors such as Black cuckoo shrike, Gray Capped Warbler, Common Sandpiper, Palm-nut Vulture and other many Species.

Afternoon Session

After noon birding session at Mt. Rubavu offer opportunities to see interesting sunbirds, babblers, soaring raptors and Twin Cities panoramic view at the top of the mountain. this incredible experience offers you opportunites to see palearctic migrants during migration periods of Aug-May.

About the Organizer

Wildlife conservation travels specialize in eco tours featuring Rwandas remarkable nature and wildlife

From 50 USD


  • Spend a day birding in several different habitats
  • Hooded vultures are common sightings
  • Many different raptors and babblers inhabit the area


More information

Contact the organizer


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Ibere rya Bigogwe – Half day cow experience

08/2/2022 15:33

Ibere rya Bigogwe – Half day cow experience

Ibere rya Bigogwe – Half day cow experience

Activity Description

The experience starts at the main Rubavu – Musanze Road  where your guide will meet you at the Ibere rya Bigogwe office on the main road. The office is easily located by the arch which marks the border between Rubavu and Nyabihu Districts.

Travel by moto to the farms (by car
if you have your own)

After meeting your guide you will travel to the green pastures of Ibere rya Bigogwe where the cows graze. The same way as locals in the area, you will
travel on the back of a motorbike to the farms. The views of the landscape are breathtaking as you leave the main road behind and travel up the hills. A photo stop is usually made at one of the best view points. The trip takes around 30 minutes. Helmet is provided.

Meet the cows and watch them grazing
Once you reach the farms, your guide will introduce you to the cows and cowboys. You will dress in a colorful shuka or rumbiya, the traditional attire of cattle keepers and get a Inkoni, a stick carried by all cattle keepers. Learn about the history of the green hills of Bigogwe, stories about cows and the traditional Rwandan life connected to cows. The hills at the farms are some of most lush and green hills in Africa. Spend some time with the cows and cowboys in this peaceful setting

Take the cows to drink water
The cows need lots of water. Twice daily they make their way to the river for a drink. Join the cowboys and use your inkoni (stick) and gentle whistles to move the cows down to the river for a drink. Watch the cowboys as the sing and whistle for the cows as they drink.

Milking the cows and tasting of fresh milk
Milking in Bigogwe is done by hands in traditional cans or ibyansi like inkongoro in wood, and Ingare made in bamboo. Get a lesson in milking by hand by the cowboys and try milking on your own. After milking you will taste the special “Bigogwe Cappuccino” as fresh as it gets straight from the cows.

Cowboy games
The cowboys spend their life watching the cows. While the cows graze the cowboys have lots of free time. Many games and traditions have been invented by the cowboys. The most common games are URUKIRAMENDE or high jump, Kunyobanwa or stick fighting and Igisoro, a traditional game played with dried seeds on a wooden board. Watch the cowboys master these games and try on your own.

Traditional songs for the cows
When the cows rest after eating and milking, the cowboys sing to them. These traditional songs are called Kwivugira inka and have been passed on for generations. The songs repeat the names of the cows and include stories from legendary cows.

Making of traditional ghee
Leave the farms by motobike (or car if you have your own). Watch the traditional way women make Ikimuri or ghee by hand. Ikimuri is traditionally made by moving a large calabash or Igisabo back and forth. Learn how it is done and try making your own Ikimuri.

Return to main road and departure
It is time to say goodbye for now. Before you depart you may visit the shop and café where traditional crafts souvenirs and snacks are available. 

About the Organizer

This experience is organized by Alex Ngabo and Ibere rya Bigogwe. Ngabo grew up with cows on the green hills in the area and is passionate to share this wonderful place with as many as possible.

Good to know

Extra info / What to bring

  • Hiking Shoes
  • Sweater & wind/rainproof jacket
  • The sun can be strong bring a hat & sunscreen

This Experience requires that you can walk for 1 km over uneven ground

Add-ons: Pick up and drop of at any hotel in Rubavu or Musanze can be organized at extra fee of 30,000 Rwf


From 30,000 RWF


  • Spend time on the greenest hills in Rwanda
  • Experience traditional Rwandan life with cows
  • Taste some fresh milk products 
  • Try traditional Rwandan cowboy games



More information

Contact the organizer


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Destination Kivu Belt partnership with dTravela

11/9/2021 15:00

Destination Kivu Belt partnership with dTravela

Kivu Belt Partners with Rwandan OTA Dtravela to Bring the Rwandan Tourism Market Online

dTravela, the Kigali-based travel tech software, has recently entered a partnership with Kivu Belt Destination Management Unit, the official tourist board of Southwestern Rwanda. The partnership positions Rwandan travel tech provider dTravela as the official booking solution of the Kivu Belt giving operators access to crucial technology.

The Kivu Belt Destination Management Unit is a part of Rwanda’s Chamber of Tourism with a vision to position the Kivu Belt as a globally competitive and sustainable destination for adventure- and eco-tourism. A key part of the Kivu Belt’s strategy is to ensure that the local experiences used in branding are also bookable online. Their partnership with dTravela will accelerate this process by giving operators in the Kivu Belt direct access to the market and the ability to scale up their business through the smart use of technology.  

Suppliers and local communities will be empowered to make their live inventory bookable on their own website and use a standardized booking system. To leverage this further, Kivu Belt Destination Management Unit will add booking capabilities to the Kivu Belt Travel Portal By collecting all products in one place, the Kivu Belt Destination Management Unit will be able to market the destination in an efficient way, generate more tourists and drive bookings to local companies.

Patrice Nostalgie, founder and CEO of dTravela, says:

“Kivu Belt Destination Management Units is leading the way for the sector in the Kivu Belt and in Rwanda. It is great to see a large regional Destination Management Organization going beyond using pretty pictures of local experiences and instead using technology to make them the key focus. Kivu Belt’s vision is very closely aligned with the philosophy and vision of dTravela. I am excited to see how the partnership will inspire to innovation and technology in the travel industry in Rwanda”.

By actively encouraging and enabling their local suppliers to use travel technology, the Kivu Belt Destination Management Unit is opening up the power of direct access to live inventory.

Henry Mugweri from the Kivu Belt Destination Management Unit comments on the partnership:

“We have been looking into a way of empowering local operators including local communities while achieving our vision of making the Kivu Belt a globally competitive and sustainable destination for adventure- and eco-tourism. After assessing the market, dTravela has been selected for their world class technology which also fits the local needs in the Kivu Belt.”

The choice from the Kivu Belt to partner up with a local travel tech provider stems in the industry’s need for a combination of local and global tools. dTravela is unique in the way they combine standard reservation technology with needs of the local Rwandan market such as payments and payouts in mobile money and a more conventional booking notification service in Kinyarwanda.

Through the partnership, members in the Kivu Belt will get access to preferential rates and free service from dTravela. The width of the partnership also ensures that smaller, but crucial actors such as community-based tourism providers can use technology to get access to new markets.

The partnership will complement the Kivu Belt Destination Management Unit’s mission to serve as a platform for actors in the Kivu Belt with the common goal of developing and promoting sustainable tourism. The partnership will also serve the Destination Management Unit’s activities of developing new tourist attractions and coordinating actors in the Kivu Belt.

Both dTravela and the Kivu Belt Destination Management Unit are confident that the partnership can provide an example for the wider Rwandan industry to follow.

Get bookable on

As an operator, you can get your accommodation, tour, rental car or activity bookable online through and to start receiving bookings.

Through a unique partnership with the Rwandan booking portal and technology provider dTravela, the Kivu Belt destination management unit has secured preferential rates and services for members of any of the associations under the Chamber of Tourism who are located in the Kivu Belt.

Set up is free and the system is financed through a small commission on bookings which can be passed on to the end customer or included in the price.

All member of the Chamber of tourism operating in or from the Kivu Belt will enjoy the following benefits:

  • 30% discount on commission for bookings generated through the Kivu Belt Travel Portal
  • 30% discount on commission for bookings generated through
  • Payment gateway fees included online bookings from Kivu Belt Travel Portal and
  • Free personal service which includes booking confirmation either by email, phone call or SMS
  • Access to free information and workshops on the use of dTravela and the benefits of online booking
  • Integration and onboarding assistance for new operators

It is very fast and easy to set up and account and you will get professional assistance and guidance from the dTravela team.

If you which to get your accommodation, tour, rental car or activity bookable online through and the Kivu Belt Travel Portal don’t hesitate to reach out to us and you will get set up.


Contact: Denyse INGABIRE, dTravela



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