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Accommodation along the Congo Nile Trail

05/19/2021 13:29

Accommodation along the Congo Nile Trail

Accommodation along the Congo Nile Trail

There are many options of accommodation along the Congo Nile Trail for all budgets no matter if you are hiking, biking or kayaking the Congo Nile Trail. This list shows some of the options along the trail, but there are many more options which can be found if asking around. Rwanda is developing rapidly and new hotels are constantly being built along the shore of Lake Kivu and the Congo Nile Trail. 

Accommodation in Rubavu

Rubavu is a rather large and touristic town on the shores of lake Kivu and where the Congo Nile Trail starts. There are many options of places to stay in and around Rubavu near the start of the Congo Nile Trail. The start of the Congo Nile Trail Stage 1 is near Bralirwa Brewery, a few kilometres outside of Rubavu along the newly paved road by the lake shores.

Accommodation along the Congo Nile Trail
Beach at Lake Kivu Serena, Rubavu

High end accommodation

Lake Kivu Serena

Classic hotel with private beach on the shores of Lake Kivu with sunbeds. Restaurant offers bar seating or seating down in the garden by the lake.

Mid Range Accommodation

Gorillas Lake Kivu

Well managed hotel close to Rubavu Public beach. Nice tropical garden with a large pool and and views of the lake from the upper floors.

Palm Beach Resort

Resort style hotel with round stone bungalows situated in a wonderful tropical palm garden on the shores of Lake Kivu. Nice restaurant and bar with seating at the edge of the lake.

Nirvana Heights Resort and Spa

Hotel mostly known for its pool with a view over the bay. Nice seating area with a view but rooms are pretty basic.

Stipp hotel

Nice classic hotel on near Rubavu’s lakefront. Upper rooms have balconies with view of Lake Kivu. The garden has a pool and a children’s play area.

Hill View Hotel

Hotel with a good location near the public beach. Unfortunately, a bit run down but caters mostly towards business travelers. There is a pool next to the parking and a pool bar which unfortunately closes at sundown.

Paradise Malahide

Simple hotel with good restaurant offering seating by the water. The bungalows are very simple and offer overnight accommodation in Rwandan style using local materials.. There is also a private island in the bay.

Budget Accommodation

Musanto Hotel

Good value hotel near the beach bars at the end of the public beach. Simple standard, but functional and clean. Nice garden with restaurant.

Discover Rwanda Discover Beach

Hostel with shared or self-contained rooms in an old colonial villa. Great location across the beach from the public beach in Rubavu.

Hakuna Matata Lodge

Nice place on the shores of Lake Kivu and a good restaurant. Garden stretches all the way down to the water’s edge and rooms overlook the lake.

Cyimbiri Accommodation

Budget accommodation

Cyimbiri Guest House

This guest house is run by the local community who also runs the school in the village. The accommodation is divided in two different apartments located at the edge of the lake. The apartments are basic, but comfortable and clean with electricity and hot running water. Each apartment has a number of ensuite double and single rooms, a common sitting room, a dining table and a kitchen with a gas stove. There are also comfortable camping facilities on the lawn by the water with access to bathrooms with shower facilities and toilets. Food can be cooked in one of the kitchens or food can be pre ordered by contacting the guest house before arrival. There is a nice beach for swimming.

Accommodation along the Congo Nile Trail
Community owned Cyimbiri Guest House

Kinunu Accommodation

Mid Range Accommodation

Kinunu Guest House

This Guest house is located on a hill shaded by local trees and a nice garden leading down to the lake. There is a beach for swimming nearby behind the coffee washing station. The guest house is small but well managed and offers two different kinds of accommodation. Stay in one of the comfortable rooms in the guest house or in one of the new apartments with private terrace and views of Lake Kivu.

Rushel Kivu Lodge

Resort style hotel at the shore of Lake Kivu with private beach volleyball and nice beach. There is a number of different accommodation options ranging from smaller tents, luxurious suites and normal hotel rooms. There is a full service restaurant overlooking the private garden and beach.

Accommodation along the Congo Nile Trail1
View over Rushel Kivu Lodge from the Congo Nile Trail

Bumba Accommodation

Budget accommodation

Bumba Base Camp

Simple, but clean accommodation in the form of 4 rooms with bathrooms with running (cold) water. There are camping facilities on a nearby lawn and a service building with toilets and running water. Food should be pre ordered.

Bumba Base Camp

Accommodation along the Congo Nile Trail
View over Lake Kivu from Bumba Base Camp

Vive Hotel / Diane Fossey Hotel Rutsiro

This large hotel has magnificent views from the edge of the town overlooking the valley below and Lake Kivu in the distance. The Hotel has recently undergone renovations and is relatively nice. There is a restaurant and a bar.

Dian Fossey Hotel Rutsiro

Karongi Accommodation

High end accommodation

Inn on the Lake

Nice modern designed place on the lake front with a garden which slopes down to the lake and wonderful views of the islands outside Karongi.

Moriah Hill

Modern and well designed hotel by the lake. Nice restaurant with lake view.

Mid Range Accommodation

Delta Resort Hotel

Large hotel with lake view rooms and a private beach next to the museum of environment in Rubavu. Nice bar on the beach.

Accommodation along the Congo Nile Trail
Beach at Delta Resort in Karongi

Cormoran Lodge

Wooden lodge built on a sloping garden with a private beach. Nice restaurant with views over the islands and the lake.

Budget Accommodation

Home St. Jean

Good for value accommodation near the Congo Nile Trail. Good food and rooms at affordable prices with nice views over the lake.

Bethany Hotel B

Not to be mistaken with Bethany Hotel A. Run down hotel at a prime location at the sea front. Cheap and somewhat functional with a nice view of the lake. 

Accommodation along the Congo Nile Trail
Bethany Hotel "B" in Karongi, run down but great location

Mugonero Accommodation

Budget Accommodation

L’ Esperance Orphanage Mugonero

It is possible to stay in one of the comfortable visitor rooms with access to toilets and showers at the Orphanage. Food and the room must be pre ordered by contacting the orphanage before arrival.

L’ Esperance Orphanage Mugonero

Gisovu Accommodation

Budget Accommodation

Twumba Catholic Church

Guest room at the catholic church in Twumba at the edge of the tea plantations in Gisovu.

Mid Range Accommodation

Gisovu Tea Estate Guest House

Nice guest house with only three rooms located in the middle of the tea plantations in Gisovu Estate. Good place to stay when biking stage 4 of the Congo Nile Trail or as a base to explore Nyungwe Forest.

Gisovu Tea Estate Guest House

Karengera Accommodation

Budget Accommodation

Karengera High School

Karengera High School offers you basic but clean and functional accommodation in one of the boarding rooms. This accommodation is very special and offers a memorable experience. Accommodation needs to be pre booked before arrival and food should be pre ordered.

Kumbya Accommodation

Budget Accommodation

Kumbya Retreat Centre

This Christian retreat center is ideally located on a peninsula in a calming and natural setting. Accommodation can be had in one of the cabins and there is also a camping site with service buildings including shower and toilets. There is a bar but food should be pre ordered.

Kumbya Retreat Centre

Accommodation along the Congo Nile Trail
One of the cabins at Kumbya Retreat Center

Kumbya Kivu Life Eco lodge

This lodge on the edge of the lake has wonderful views of the mountains and the bay below. There is a nice place to sit on the tables by the waters edge. Accommodation is in one of the round wooden bungalows. There is a bar overlooking the lake and a restaurant.

Ishara Accommodation

Budget Accommodation

Ishara Beach Hotel

This large complex overlooking the lake offers various forms or accommodation a private beach with a beach bar and large restaurant. You can stay one the wooden beach bungalows on the beach, in one of the rooms in the hotel, or camp at the campsite.

Rusizi Accommodation

High End Accommodation

Mantis Kivu Marina Bay

Large and modern conference hotel with a view of the bay of Lake Kivu outside Rusizi. Nice pool with a pool bar and a modern restaurant.

Mid Range Accommodation

Emeraude Kivu Resort

Comfortable and affordable hotel on the lake front. Nice view of Nkombo and Gihaya Islands and at night the lanterns of the night fishermen light up the bay below.

Budget Accommodation

Peace Guest House

Church-owned accommodation with lake views. Dinner and breakfast is served on the lawn overlooking the lake.

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