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Gishwati Riverside Experience

03/1/2023 11:47

Gishwati Riverside Experience

Gishwati Riverside Experience

Activity Description

During this 2 day tour, visitors can experience genuine activities with the communities surrounding Gishwati-Mukura National Park. Hike the Riverside Trail combined with tea tour, traditional songs and dances, art works, milking and other activities. 

Tour plan summary

Day 1:

  • Briefing and Departure from Rubavu
  • Benimana Hill Tea trail (Storytelling: Benimana story) and traditionally prepared tea tasting at Nteko community known as Gishwati Community Heritage (GCH).
  • Traditional songs and dances by Nteko by GCH
  • Gishwati Community Heritage (GCH) arts and handcrafts
  • Gishwati-Mukura National Park history at RDB
  • Milk collection center visit
  • Gishwati Riverside trail hiking (Storytelling: Riverside story and commentaries on Gishwati forest, villages, cows’ farms, valleys, hills, rivers)
  • Camping at Bitenga Base camps
  • Rwandan traditional evening (Storytelling: The Rwandan flute story and performing arts )

Day 2: (half day)

  • Cow keeping experience and its interpretation
  • Cow milking and Ghee making and its interpretation
  • Return to Rubavu

Tour package inclusion:

  • Lunch (traditional food)
  • Supper
  • A bottle of water
  • A cup of traditionally prepared tea
  • Tour Guide
  • Transport (from and to Gisenyi including a car to help those who can get tired or any problem during hiking
  • Accommodation (camping)
  • All hiking attractions
  • Community activities

About the Organizer

Kivu Belt Village Tours Ltd is a community-based enterprise founded by the native and tourism experts of the Kivu Belt Destination. The enterprise mainly offers historical, traditional and nature tourism activities. Its products and services include agricultural and cattle keeping experiences, cultural experiences, hiking, biking and boating experiences, camping, fishing, bird watching, home stay experience, etc. in the Kivu Belt Destination.

To be different from others, Kivu belt Village tours, ensures that its tours and experiences are:

  • 100% safety guaranteed;
  • Offered with Reliable and safe transportation by e.g. bus, 4×4, bicycles, boats, canoes, etc.
  • Provided with respect of the Rwandan cultural values
  • Offered with Good knowledge of the environmental issues, what will be our footprint.
  • In different package deals including special activities for the different target groups available such as age categories and other special groups (all-in package deals).

Kivu Belt Village Tours share all profits with the Kivu Belt destination communities

Groups of 1-4, 250,000 Rwf

Groups of 5+, 135,000 Rwf


  • Hike the riverside trail
  • Visit Gishwati farms, the greenest hills in Africa
  • Try some genuine experiences with locals


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