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Six Island Boat Tour in Karongi

04/25/2022 13:05

Six Island Boat Tour in Karongi

Activity Description

Explore the islands of Lake Kivu during a half day guided boat tour in Karongi with a local guide. Lake Kivu is dotted with hundreds of islands. Most islands have their own secrets and special things to see. Start the tour meeting your guide and boarding a boat in Karongi. The tour starts by heading out to Napoleon Island, one of the largest islands outside Karongi. A short hike will take you to the top of the island where you will have a magnificent view of the surrounding area and Karongi. Napoleon Island is  home to a colony of straw colored fruit bats. After visiting Napoleon Island you will continue to Monkey Island. This island got its name from the fact that there is a small group of monkey inhabiting the densely forested island. After seeing the monkeys you will continue to peace island. Peace island is perfect for swimming and has a nice walking path all the way around. After peace Island you will continue to volcano island. This island is to small to go on board but can be seen from the boat. Volcano Island got its name from the fact that it was created by a volcanic eruption. Next is  a short drive to prison island which got its name because it was used as a prison for women who got pregnant outside of marriage in historical times. The last island is farm island. This large island is used for farming by the local community. Watch macadamia nuts, banana beer production and other crops being grown here before returning back to Karongi. 

About the Organizer

Bwishyura Kivu Boat Cooperative is a cooperative of young recent graduates. Their main mission is provide visitors to Karongi with information tours at proffessional rates while supporting themselves and their families.

From 45 USD / Boat


  • Visit 6 islands in Lake Kivu
  • Hike to the top of Napoleon
  • See Rwanda’s largest fruit bat colony up close
  • Learn about the local way of life on the islands of Lake Kivu


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