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Lake Kivu Beach Guide

When in Rwanda, do like the locals and head for one of Lake Kivu’s beaches. Lake Kivu is a one of the Great Lakes of Africa, yet differently to most of the lakes in the neighbouring African countries there are no wild animals in Lake Kivu. What also makes it stand out is that there are many beaches for swimming on its shores. As Rwanda is a landlocked country, many people will look to the Lake Kivu Beaches when it comes to swimming. No matter if you are looking for a beach within a full serviced resort, a well occupied city beach or a hidden beach for complete solitude, Lake Kivu has something for you. Here you will find the complete guide to all of Lake Kivu beaches.

Rubavu Public Beach

Public beach on Lake Kivu side near the city center of Rubavu. The beach is nice but lacks common accessories such as toilets, showers or any food or drinks. The pier in the middle of the beach is a nice hangout spot and the fenced-in hedge and the trees offer a sense of seclusion from the street. 

Lake Kivu Beach Guide
Lake Kivu Beach Guide

Lake Kivu Serena Beach

Private beach on the shores of Lake Kivu inside the Garden of Serena Hotel in Rubavu next to the public beach. The beach is well managed and sun beds can be used free of charge and there are toilets and changing rooms. There is an outdoor pool which can be used for non-hotel guests at a fee. Food and drinks are served from the lakeside bar all day until late. Kayaks and SUP-boards can be rented and there are beach volleyball facilities. More information

Lake Kivu Beach Guide
Beach at Lake Kivu Serena in Rubavu

Kinunu Guest House Beach

Tucked away beneath the Kinunu washing coffee washing station is the beach of Kinunu Guest house. Above the beach is a well-manicured garden and a beach volleyball field. There are toilet facilities and changing rooms. Lunch and drinks can be arranged from the nearby Kinunu Guesthouse. More information

Lake Kivu Beach Guide
Garden and beach at Kinunu Guest house below the coffee washing station.

Rushel Kivu Lodge Beach

Hidden away in a secluded location between Karongi and Rubavu is the small village of Kinunu. The village is known for two things. Its coffee and its natural beaches on Lake Kivu. The natural beach does not get better anywhere on Lake Kivu than the natural beach of Rushel. Those who are brave enough swim out to the nearby uninhabited island in the bay. The lodge itself is built on a sloping garden leading down to the lake.  All facilities can be found from the nearby lodge which also offers various levels of accommodation ranging from simple tents in the garden to VIP suits. More information

Lake Kivu Beach Guide
Beach at Rushel Kivu Lodge

Ishara Beach

Ishara Beach is located in a secluded bay of Lake Kivu near Nyamasheke town along the Congo Nile Trail. The nearby Ishara Beach Motel offers several different forms of accommodation including wooden cabins just above the beach. The beach Motel also has a large restaurant and terrace overlooking Lake Kivu and the beach. There is a beach bar on one end of the beach serving food and drinks until late which also has changing rooms and toilets. There are also sunbeds available for free from the beach bar if you order food or drinks. Perfect beach to spend a day or weekend or to stop by for a swim if you are hiking or biking the Congo Nile Trail. 

Lake Kivu Beach Guide
Beach at Ishara

Golf Eden Rock Beach

Located next to the Museum of Environment in Karongi is this quiet beach. The beach is managed by the nearby Golf Eden Rock Hotel. The beach is nice and well-managed with toilets and changing rooms. The beach bar serves food and drinks directly on the beach. Perfect place to enjoy Lake Kivu when in Karongi. 

Lake Kivu Beach Guide

Tam Tam Beach

On the outskirts of Rubavu is the famous Tam Tam beach bar near Lake Kivu. This well-known beach bar might not have the best beaches but offers a cool beach vibe with the possibility for a swim, sunbeds and tables on the beach. Service starts early and ends late. 

Lake Kivu Beach Guide
Boats on the beach in front of Tam Tam Beach Bar

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