Destination Kivu Belt

Activity description

Experience daily life of rural people is an experience is for anyone wanting a real taste of village life in Rwanda. The entire experience last for a whole day and involves most of the aspects which are normal for anyone living in a Rwandan village. The tour takes place in a village near Rubavu town and the income generated by these tours are used by Young Women to improve the lives of the members of the association and their families.

The experience starts in morning with a drive to a nearby village from the Young Women Destination Office. At the village, you will be greeted with some traditional welcome songs. After introductions from your local hostess, a morning of family chores begins. The day normally starts out in the kitchen where you will help out with the daily chores. After this, you will continue outside where you will get a taste of a normal day of village life. We can assure you that it is very different from an 9 to 5 office worker in the west. Collect water from the local tap, cut grass for domestic animals and get out in the fields for seasonal agricultural activities.

At lunchtime, locals from the village meet and share a local meal at one of the families’ homes. There is no stress for most people here and always plenty of time to chat, joke and learn about each other. After lunch, you will join with the artisans of the village for an afternoon of handcrafting. You will learn how to make bags and other souvenirs from traditional fabrics. They will get the chance to create your own piece and take it with you. The day ends at the Young Women destination office where you can browse through some of the beautiful crafts made by the artisans of Young women Destination. 

About the Organizer

Young Women Destination is a handicraft-based association comprising of women who have dropped out of school due to unplanned pregnancies. The cooperative organizes various tours and make handcraft to support the members of the cooperative. Visitors are welcome to visit Young Women Destination and to join one of their activities.  They can be found just outside Rubavu in a community building with magnificent views over Lake Kivu.

Young Women Destination is great place if you want to have a real Rwandan home-life or hand-craft making experience. Joining an activity at Young Women Destination offers a genuine insight into the daily life of Rwanda while the income earned is used to sustain and improve the lives of the women and their families. You are also welcome to stop by Young Women Destination in order to buy some of the their handmade crafts such as handbags, floor mats, necklaces, bracelets and many others. Many of the women can be found around Rubavu town on Saturdays where they sell their crafts. Note that before you visit, you must notify them prior to arrival. This is easily done by a call or Whatsapp message before the visit.

Young Women Destination is situated just outside Rubavu town and can easily be accessed by car, bike or moto-taxi. 

Before you Go

  • Lots of walking, wear comfortable outdoor shoes
  • Be prepared for some manual labor such as carrying water, sowing, cooking and collecting firewood
  • You will spend some time in the sun, wear a hat and sunscreen
  • Bring an umbrella in case of rain

Meeting Point

This experience starts from the Young Women Destination office in Rubavu

The guests can arrange their transport separately. However, if needed Young Women Destination will arrange transport

Fitness Level

This activity requires that you can walk 1 km over uneven surface and carry a bucket of water

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