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Congo Nile Trail Biking With Coffee And Fishing Experience

Congo Nile Trail Biking With Coffee And Fishing Experience

Activity Description

This is a two-day or three-day tour mixed with biking and boating. It can be done from Kigali or from Gisenyi. The first day starts with a Congo Nile Biking trail experience from Rubavu to Kinunu where you pass by coffee, tea, banana, natural beaches, and amazing views of beautiful landscape (hills, lake Kivu, valleys, etc)  and make the first stop over at Umwakira Kivu Coffee, Rwinyoni Village, Kivumu sector, Rutsiro District for a traditionally prepared coffee experience and tasting break. After the coffee tasting break, you continue the biking experience up to Kinunu where you are warmly welcomed and received by the hotel management which provides you lunch and appropriate refreshment after which you have a small rest followed by a swimming time at Kinunu beach around 17:00 o’clock. From 18:00 to 21: 00 PM, experience Lake Kivu night fishing activities including joining a fishing crew night fishing on Lake Kivu, paddling with the crew to the fishing location, experiencing a genuine traditional African trade far off the beaten path, boating to and from the fishing crew, tasting the Isambaza (small fish).
Tour plan summary

  • Briefing (at Gisenyi, close to Bralirwa)
  • Start biking the CNT going through amazing landscapes composed by small villages, small hills, local shops, valleys by also going along coasts of lake Kivu, past banana trees and coffee plantations;
  • Make the stop-over at Umwakira Kivu Coffee, Rwinyoni Cell, Kivumu Sector, for the traditionally prepared coffee experience (learn the entire process of coffee making from seed , finished product and taste)
  • Receive the traditionally prepared coffee (souvenirs)
  • Have lunch and appropriate refreshment
  • Have a small rest followed by a swimming time at Kinunu beach
  • Experience Lake Kivu night fishing activities
  • Boat trip back to Gisenyi, Relax (Hotel)
  • Departure from Gisenyi to Kigali (In Case of 3 day tour)

The Experience package price is in TWO OPTIONS:

  • Option 1 (3 days): Includes Transport from & to Kigali+ Accommodation in Rubavu and at Kinunu (2 nights)+ Biking Experience + a Guide + a Boat as follows:
  • Package Price inclusion: A bike and boat transport, accommodation, English Speaking Guide, locally made coffee souvenir, a cup of traditionally prepared coffee for taste, meals, small fish taste, 4 bottles of water, first aid kit, and fresh fruits.
  • Option 2 (2 days)  : Includes ONLY the EXPERIENCE + GUIDE+BOAT+ACCOMMODATION at Kinunu as follows :

A bottle of water, a Guide, a cup of traditionally prepared coffee, a boat, souvenir (a small basket containing a finished coffee product), tax fees

About the Organizer

Kivu Belt Village Tours Ltd is a community-based enterprise founded by the native and tourism experts of the Kivu Belt Destination. The enterprise mainly offers historical, traditional and nature tourism activities. Its products and services include agricultural and cattle keeping experiences, cultural experiences, hiking, biking and boating experiences, camping, fishing, bird watching, home stay experience, etc. in the Kivu Belt Destination.

To be different from others, Kivu belt Village tours, ensures that its tours and experiences are:

  • 100% safety guaranteed;
  • Offered with Reliable and safe transportation by e.g. bus, 4×4, bicycles, boats, canoes, etc.
  • Provided with respect of the Rwandan cultural values
  • Offered with Good knowledge of the environmental issues, what will be our footprint.
  • In different package deals including special activities for the different target groups available such as age categories and other special groups (all-in package deals).

Kivu Belt Village Tours share all profits with the Kivu Belt destination communities

Option 1 (2 overnights):

Groups of 1-4, 672,600 Rwf Groups of 5+, 348,100 Rwf

Option 2 (1 overnights):

Groups of 1-4, 354,000 Rwf Groups of 5+, 206,500 Rwf


  • Bike The Congo Nile Trail 
  • Visit a coffee farm
  • Experience Night fishing on Lake Kivu


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