Kivu Belt

A perfect place to experience Rwanda

Discover the crest of adventure with a visit to the Kivu Belt and escape into one of the diverse tourism offers along the lake. Start your action packed holiday with a hiking or biking tour. Visit cultural tourism projects or simply relax & enjoy the stunning views over the lake. 


The Land of 1000 hills

Thousands of grassy hills, majestic volcanoes,  evergreen rain forests, plenty of wildlife and biodiversity. Rwanda welcomes its visitors with a wide variation of tourism offers: The famous Mountain Gorillas, the Virunga Volcanoes, Akagera Nationalpark, Lake Kivu & Nyungwe Forest - only a few of the many attraction of our small East-African country. A visit to Rwanda will never get boring.

Come and discover it for yourself!

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Destination Kivu Belt

The Kivu Belt stretches from the vibrant beach town Rubavu (156km from Kigali) in the North, over the picturesque lakeside town Karongi (110km from Kigali), along the two majestic mountain rain forests Gishwati Nyungwe National Park, up to the former fishing village and border town Rusizi (240km from Kigali). The 3 towns are interconnected by a curvy tarmac road winding its way through the breathtaking landscape passing green banana fields, tea plantations, charming little rural villages and the endless wideness of Lake Kivu. Those who like it more adventurous can cover the distance on the Congo Nile Trail, an adventurous biking & hiking route.

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